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Cosmetic Dentistry

Are You Flossing Out Of Fear?

Most people know that flossing is an important part of oral health. The value of this simple yet important exercise in oral hygiene has been shown time and time again. But does fear have to play a role in Glendale’s commitment to the practice? Flossing offers a chance to remove bits and pieces that a

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A Proud Dental Practice In Glendale, Arizona

On Call Urgent Dental Care – Emergency Dentistry is proud to serve not only Glendale but the greater Glendale area. Our staff constitutes proud members of the community we serve. It’s worth the trip for the change it will make in your life. Are you proud of your smile? You should be. Your smile is

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Straight Teeth For Young Smiles And Not-So-Young Smiles

There are few technological wonders of our era that are more appreciated than modern braces. Teeth straightening hardware of past generations had many drawbacks. It ordinarily involved a whole orthodontic tool kit – full metal bands, headgear, elastics, spacers, and wires poking every which way. If you played an instrument that required the use of

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Glendale Cosmetic Dental Artistry

Glendale cosmetic dentistry is part science and part art. At On Call Urgent Dental Care – Emergency Dentistry, our dental team enjoys using our extensive dental training and artistic skills to design treatment plans unique to each of our Glendale cosmetic dental patients. In order to achieve an attractive, yet natural looking result, we do much more than recommend

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4 Mesa Smile Boosters

On Call Urgent Dental Care – Emergency Dentistry serves the Glendale, Mesa, and Tempe areas with exceptional emergency dental services and 24-hour scheduling. Today in the Glendale dental blog, we would like to highlight four ways you can improve your smile. 1. Teeth Whitening is quick and non-invasive. External tooth whitening occurs when teeth whitening agents bleach the

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6 Ways To Improve Your Smile In Tempe, AZ

Who would say no to a prettier smile? I am guessing no one, and now with all of the amazing cosmetic dentistry procedures available from Tempe, Mesa, and Glendale cosmetic dentists, most dental patients can get the smile they want. Here is a quick look at some of the most popular treatments. 1. Teeth whitening is

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Total Tooth Restoration in Mesa

Your face is always on display for others to see. You can’t hide it behind long sleeves, baggy jeans, or a hat. Many lucky Mesa residents who have received smile makeovers at OnCall Dental have seen their dazzling new smile brighten their whole face. Some Tempe and Mesa professionals have corrected tooth problems prior to beginning a search for

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Don’t Like Your Teeth? 5 Reasons To Get A Smile Makeover!

Hello Glendale! When you look in the mirror, do you like what you see? If the answer is, ‘Not really,’ then you may want to consider these 5 great reasons for people in Glendale, Mesa, and Tempe to make some small improvements or undergo a complete smile re-design. 1. A little goes a long way. Some

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Do Whitestrips Work?

If you have visited the toothpaste aisle at your Glendale WalMart, you have probably noticed dozens of products that claim to whiten your teeth. A few years ago, the only over-the-counter tooth whitening options in Tempe were whitening toothpastes and Crest Whitestrips. Now there is a wide variety of products at every drugstore counter in the Mesa area.

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