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Family Dentistry

Take 5: Straight Talk About Braces

At On Call Urgent Dental Care – Emergency Dentistry, we support healthy oral hygiene and regular, consistent check-ups for patients who have braces. Here are five important concerns to keep in mind with braces: 1. Be Careful What You Eat Sweets and extra food stuck in hard-to-notice spaces may lead to plaque and yellowing around

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Toothbrush Tantrums: When Your Child Won’t Brush

Your child’s primary teeth, or baby teeth, are just as critical to their health, speech development, and self-esteem as their permanent teeth. Some parents we meet at On Call Urgent Dental Care – Emergency Dentistry hold the misconception that the care of primary teeth is secondary to adult teeth, since they will eventually fall out.

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Helping Teeth Survive Adolescence

If you are the parent of a teen, you may already have some concerns about your child’s diet and dental health. As young men and women progress toward complete independence, some make questionable choices. You may know teens who skip meals and others that eat ramen noodles for lunch and dinner. Some spend more hours

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6 Ways To Prepare For Your Dental Procedure

Some people find dental procedures scary. Let On Call Urgent Dental Care – Emergency Dentistry offer 6 ways to prepare yourself mentally, emotionally and physically before your big dental day. First, remember we’re trained to provide the best care and comfort possible. Second, take some time to relax and think about your anxieties. Take deep

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Tooth Brushing Basics For Healthy Smiles In Glendale

Why should everyone in Glendale brush at least twice a day? Let’s take a look at why this is so important. Brushing and flossing is the best way to prevent decay. Brushing with fluoride toothpaste and carefully flossing removes the food from our teeth and inhibits the build up of plaque. If we let food

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Child-Friendly Glendale Dentist

It’s a question that many parents in Glendale debate: When should I take my child in for their first dental appointment? The answer may be a little earlier than you think. The American Dental Association recommends that a child sees a dentist around twelve months of age. This happens to be about the time when the

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