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Accidents and emergencies happen. We’re here to help when they do. Our emergency dentist offers almost every dental service you may need when you need them most. Life would be a lot easier if accidents happened during normal business hours. Unfortunately, Murphy likes to wreak havoc in people’s lives sometimes. We’re open nights and weekends in Glendale and can see patients no matter when an accident or emergency happens.

Our Mission is “To Treat You as the Most Important Person in Our Practice”

We fulfill our mission by investing in the best technology and training possible, enabling us to provide top-notch dental care to our patients, no matter their state of emergency. We provide almost any dental service you may need, but we’ve listed a few of our more popular services below for your convenience-

  • EMERGENCY DENTISTRY | Home, auto or sports accidents can catch you off guard. Don’t worry, we’re here to catch you when they do. Whether you’re experiencing a severe, unexpected toothache or the softball game got a little crazy and a tooth came loose, we can get you squared away with our emergency dentistry services.
  • SAME DAY DENTISTRY | When severe tooth pain hits, it REALLY hits. We understand this and have created OnCall Dental to take care of patients in this exact situation. Our practice is built to handle almost any dental emergency you may have on the same day you have it. Not only can we address your emergency, we can do so comfortably so your day won’t be any more traumatic than it already was.
  • ROOT CANALS | Don’t let the name scare you. Root canals of yesteryear are not in store for you at OnCall Dental when you are seeking toothache relief. We can make your whole root canal experience comfortable and relaxed. Oral sedation is a fantastic way for those who experience dental anxiety to get through their treatment is a pleasant, calm state. Though you’re conscious, it feels like you’re asleep.
  • EXTRACTIONS | Sometimes a tooth just needs to come out. When it does, make sure to come to our office to ensure you’re getting some of the best service possible. Not all dental practices are the same. We’ll make your visit friendly, relaxed and maybe even enjoyable. Let us help you take care of you and give you some toothache relief!

Schedule a visit today to address any dental emergency or concern you may have at our Glendale dentist office with our emergency dentist. We look forward to meeting you!

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