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Root Canals

Convenient, Comfortable Root Canals in Tempe

what is a root canal procedure for in Tempe

What Causes a Toothache?

When a tooth surface is damaged from wear and tear, injury or cavities, the tooth’s nerves are exposed (in the canal) which can lead to moderate-to-severe toothaches.

What Is a Root Canal?

A root canal is the proper name of the hollow part of a tooth’s natural root. The root canal procedure involves the removal of nerve tissue from the tooth root if this nerve tissue—or pulp—becomes infected. Left untreated, a tooth infection could endanger the rest of your teeth and become so severe that the infected tooth would need extracted. However, a root canal procedure can remove the infection and save your outer tooth structure.

Once a tooth has reached its mature size, it no longer needs the tooth pulp anyway, so it can therefore be safely removed. When the nerves have been removed from the tooth, your toothache should be gone for good.

Benefits of Quality Root Canal Therapy

  • Preserve Your Natural Tooth | A tooth infection can lead to a necessary tooth extraction if left untreated too long. However, a properly performed root canal procedure saves your tooth.
  • Relieve Tooth Pain | Infected nerve pulp almost always causes extreme toothache or dental pain. A root canal removes the affected nerve pulp; therefore, no more toothache.
  • Get Treated in Comfort | Our doctors are always considerate of your comfort during treatment. We will make sure the process is calm and relaxed for you.

Steps of the Root Canal Procedure

  1. Our skilled doctor will first examine your tooth to identify the source of your toothache.
  2. If it is determined you need a root canal, proper precautions will be followed to make sure your root canal treatment will go smoothly and comfortably.
  3. The tooth roots will be exposed just enough to allow for nerve pulp removal.
  4. The nerve pulp will be gently removed using various brushes and tools.
  5. Once the root canals are clear, a synthetic filler material will be placed inside the tooth in the stead of the nerve pulp.
  6. Your tooth will be sealed back up using either a filling or new crown (depending on the extent of the tooth damage previously).

Be Toothache Free With Help From OnCall Dental Urgent Care

Quality root canal treatment gets rid of toothaches permanently and preserves your natural tooth—which is almost always preferable to losing it. Call us today at one of our several locations to schedule a visit and find out if root canal treatment is right for you. We have a convenient office ready for you in Tempe!

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