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wisdom teeth removal and tooth extraction in Glendale and Tempe


“Tooth extraction” is the term used when one has a tooth or teeth pulled. Though it’s often ideal to keep the natural tooth, it is sometimes in a person’s best interest to have have a tooth extraction, whether for health or a variety of oral health reasons.


One of the most common causes for tooth extraction is wisdom teeth removal. Wisdom teeth can can cause abscesses, tooth crowding or other oral complications and are frequently removed for the long-term health and comfort of the patient. Our patients love knowing they can trust our doctors to perform almost any dental procedure comfortably — including wisdom teeth removal and other tooth extraction treatments.


Disease, injury or damage can necessitate a tooth extraction. Below is a list of some of the more common reasons a tooth extraction may be needed.

  • TOOTH BLOCKAGE | Sometimes a patient may have too many teeth causing crowding or “blockage”, preventing other teeth to grow in or grow in straightly.
  • PERIODONTAL DISEASE | Periodontal disease is the technical name for gum disease. Gum disease can cause major health issues. One of which is the gums deteriorating to a point that they no longer support a tooth and therefore necessitate having the tooth pulled.
  • BRACES | Sometimes teeth can be so crowded that is is actually necessary to extract a tooth to successfully complete orthodontic treatment.
  • ENDODONTIC FAILURE | Root canals can be a fantastic way to get rid of toothaches and preserve a natural tooth, but not always. If a root canal fails, a tooth extraction may be needed.
  • FRACTURED TOOTH | A severely fractured tooth may not allow for a successful restoration with a crown or filling. In such cases the patient may need the tooth extracted.
  • DENTURES | full or partial dentures often require tooth or teeth extraction.

Call and schedule a visit today and find out why our patients love us so much… even if it is for a tooth extraction. We are happy to provide our urgent care for tooth extractions at either of our locations in Glendale or Tempe!

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