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The traditional dental practice remains open 9–5, Monday–Friday. Most patients believe that a dentist open on Saturday or a dentist with evening hours does not exist.

Well, we have great news for you! That accommodating dentist does exist, right here at OnCall Dental! We know that you and your loved ones uphold many responsibilities, and the standard 9–5, M–F dental appointments don’t always fit seamlessly into your lifestyle.

Our dental team pushes the boundaries of ordinary dentistry so that we can provide better customer service to our valued patients. We are committed to availability, and we remain open and willing to assist you beyond regular office hours.

What Is Convenient Dental Care?

Are you experiencing the rewarding world of convenient dental care? You shouldn’t have to pull your children out of school, skip an important meeting, or miss out on a social activity to squeeze a dental visit into your life. You don’t have to put off dental cleanings because of your busy schedule here at OnCall Dental Urgent Care in Tempe.

Convenient dental includes two major components: emergency dental services and extended hours.

Emergency Dental Services: A dental emergency could occur at any moment. Emergencies are 100% unpredictable! You should be able to call your dental professional day or night with an urgent dental concern. We’re here for you constantly at OnCall Dental, where we offer same-day emergency appointments, and we always provide a dentist open on the weekends.

Extended Hours: We want you to benefit from our special hours even when you are not in the middle of a dental crisis. When you schedule general procedures with a dentist open on Saturday, or a dentist with evening hours, you can choose from any of these premium times. At OnCall Dental, we love to accommodate busy or abnormal schedules, so we provide weekend and evening appointment times for cleanings, general dentistry, dental crowns, and other services.

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Is Your Dentist Open on the Weekends?

When selecting a dentist, their available hours are an important consideration. If you have a busy work, social, or family life, you need a dentist with a wide open schedule who can accommodate you at unusual times.

If you are looking for a dentist that will work with your schedule, you should ask the dental office a few key questions:

  • Is this dentist open on Saturday?
  • Is this dentist open on weekends?
  • Is this a dentist with evening hours?

At OnCall Dental, the answer to all of these questions is yes!

We want you to enjoy the perks of convenient dental care. Call us at anytime for guidance, emergency assistance, or scheduling. Feel free to schedule your next appointment during our opportune weekend or evening hours.

Our compassion for our patients extends outside of typical office hours. You can trust us for convenient dental care right here at OnCall Dental. Give us a call today at our office in Tempe!


Call our office now at 480-355-4131 for emergency dental services when YOU need them!


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